Steering Committee

Prof. Akhtar Chauhan

Senior Architect Planner, Educator
Director, Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai
Founder President of the International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH)

Prof. Akhtar Chauhan is a senior architect planner and educator based in Mumbai, India. Currently he is the director of Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai. He has been awarded the MASA Gold Medal 2012 for a life time of contribution to architectural education.

He studied architecture at the Department of Architecture, Bandra School of Arts, Mumbai (1970) and completed his planning studies at School of Planning, Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad in 1975. He was active in the movement for housing rights of slum dwellers in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

He has been in practice with his wife, Pradnya, and brother Anvar Chauhan. They have planned and designed townships, housing, educational and institutional buildings in India and Iraq. He is a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) and was an elected member of the Council of Architecture. He was national Jt. Secretary of the IIA and was Hon. Editor of the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects. He was the Chairman of IIA Publications Board and Secretary of the IIA International Affairs Board.

He was the founder of the Indian Association of Schools of Architecture (IASA) and President of Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture (MASA). He was the scientific director of the academic collaboration and research programme on Sustainable Humane Habitat under the Asia Link Programme funded by the European Commission. He has conducted joint studies and student exchange programmes with universities in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, U.K. and U.S.A.

He was the co-convener of the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) programme on housing and urbanization. He was the Secretary of the International Union of Architects (UIA) Work Group on Architectural Heritage for Region IV consisting of Asia and Australia. He was Vice President of the World Society of Ekistics (WSE), Athens, Greece.

He is the Founder President of the International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH) and he has been convener of 16 International Conferences on Humane Habitat. He has organized 12 IAHH International Student Design Competitions. He has lectured at universities in India and abroad and contributed technical papers at International conferences.