All communications with competitors will be by email and will be managed by UDRI. Common questions raised and the responses will be posted on the website as FAQs without revealing the identity of the questioner.

Final submissions (with only their 6-character unique identity code as identifiers) will be put by competitors into specified folders, from which only UDRI can download them. If there are questions on a submission, or if it is unreadable, these questions will be posted on the website together with the 6-charecter code.

Once the jury has completed its deliberations, the winners will be declared by posting their 6-chatecter code on the website. All winning competitors will then be asked to identify themselves, and include in their identification a copy of a particular page of their submission, so that UDRI can compare this with the submission and confirm that the team claiming a particular 6-character unique identity code is indeed the team that made the submission.

Exhibition posters will then be prepared with the names of the competitors.