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Q: Can we officially add additional team members to the accepted team?
A: The addition of members to a team is at discretion of the team leader and its participating members. The team leaders will be asked to forward all information asked in the application form for these new members.

Deletion of already qualified team members will not be allowed and may lead to disqualification of the team.

Q: When is the payment deadline of competition registration fees for accepted teams?
A: The deadline for the payment of competition registration fees for accepted teams is Wednesday, 28th May 2014, 16:00 hrs Indian Standard Time.

Q: Why is the Payment Acceptance not confirmed?
A: We would like to inform you that it is mandatory to provide payment details on participant dashboard for verification and to enable payment acceptance status. Kindly do the needful on proceeding to payment to receive confirmation.

Q: Can an individual register from 2 or more teams?
A: An individual cannot register from more than one team.

Q: How can a team members register for workshop and field trip?
A: Team members can register for the workshop and field trip by giving a list of the interested team members through the contact form on

Q: Can one team member who is an expert in 2 fields be eligible to cover both categories?
A: One team member will be eligible to cover only one category. A team requires a minimum four members who will cover the eligibility for the four categories a, b, c, and d as specified in the eligibility criteria on the competition website.

Q: Is 15th May 2014 a deadline for the submission of online application form or the payment should be done also?
A: 15th May 2014 is the last date for uploading application forms. Once the application is accepted, the Team would be asked to proceed for payment within next three working days.

Q: What are the maximum number of members allowed in a team other than the 4 experts?
A:There is no limit to the maximum number of members in a team.

Q: Is it compulsory for the Teams to attend the workshop and field trip?
A: Presence of the Teams to the workshop and and field trip is optional.

Q: How many members of a Team would get a funded stay in Mumbai through the duration of the Workshop?
A: The teams are advised to clearly mention these 2 individuals while requesting funding. The organisers will fund not more than 2 individuals per team. Of all the Teams that have requested funding, the organisers would choose Teams by drawing lots.

Q: Does the slash (/) for example \" Social Science / Law / Economics / Urban Governance / Public Finance / Geography\" does the slash (/) mean AND or OR?
A: The slash stands for 'or'.(for example " Social Science or Law or Economics or Urban Governance or Public Finance or Geography")

Q: Do you need one person in any one of the specified fields or all of the specified fields?
A: For eligibility at least one member of the team should be an expert in the one of the fields mentioned under points a,b,c,d of eligibility requirements.

Q: Does the payment have to be submitted along with the application or can it wait till the steering committee has accepted the team?
A: The payment will only be requested of the teams whose applications have been accepted by the Steering Committee.

Q: Is the workshop and field trip open for all?
A: The workshop and field trip to Dharavi is only for members of teams who have applied for this competition.

Q: How can we register for this competition?
A: You may ‘Sign In’ on the competition website with an Email Id. After signing in, the dashboard will enable your team to download the Application Form, upload completed Application Form, provide Payment Details and upload Final Submissions.

Q: Is the application fee of 30,000 INR to be paid for per team member or for the whole team?
A: The application fee of 30,000 INR is to be paid for the entire team.

Q: Do teams get rejected or get extra points on the basis years of experience of team members?
A: Teams will neither be rejected nor get extra points on the basis of years of experience.

Q: What happens when a team application is rejected?
A: The shortfalls in teams will be conveyed. The applicants can reform their teams and sign up with a new email ID to submit the new application.

Q: Can people working in varied Offices / Institutions collaborate as a team?
A: Individuals, Institutions, Offices, Organisations, Government Agencies NGOs etc. can collaborate to form teams.

Q: What is Captcha code?
A: Captcha code is a well established global practice of ensuring that a person is entering data on a site's form for legitimate reasons. Spamming machines often trigger automated bogus sign ups. This method eliminates such events. The captcha code is visible as numbers and / or alphabets before the sign up button. Make sure you type out the correct characters, which will then let you proceed with the registration instantly.