1. A vision statement of Dharavi’s reinvention, from the physical, social, environmental and economic points of view.
  2. Statement of fundamental values and guiding principles that will govern the reinventing process, which will essentially address the welfare of the people of Dharavi.
  3. Broad strategy of how reinvention will take place with minimal disruption of living and of livelihoods of the people of Dharavi and development of affordable housing and sustainable work-places for the community.
  4. Broad strategy of Governance and Management structures, including a description of the participatory effort at different stages.
  5. A broad strategy for finance of the proposal, both in terms of capital, operating and maintenance costs covering all aspects of physical and social infrastructure.
  6. Explanation of the process in terms of who can undertake it, and who will do what within the short, medium and long term time frames.
  7. Drawings showing all key physical and social infrastructures, both as existing and as at the completion of the proposed process, with phasing as necessary.
  8. A policy framework and broad strategy for transport, its management for public and private, vehicular and pedestrian, parking, loading/unloading, which applies to all motorised and non-motorised modes of transport.
  9. A policy framework and broad strategy for all social infrastructure particularly health, education and welfare.
  10. A policy framework and broad strategy for the accommodation of the electrical, water supply, drainage and other city related infrastructure transiting through Dharavi.
  11. Crowding analysis, of streets, parks and amenities as well as indoor crowding in terms of persons / hectare of each, and comparison with other dense built localities of similar size in other countries.
  12. Any mandatory policies and rules that will apply to all physical aspects of the proposal for reinvention of Dharavi.
Expectations from proposals
The aim of the competition is to provide holistic, humane, environmentally appropriate and sustainable ideas that would help promote the development of sustainable neighbourhoods and communities that provides and performs a distinctive role for Dharavi within the metropolitan context and leads to an improvement in the built environment and the quality of life for the communities of Dharavi.

The competition proposal must be based on and should address the following:
  1. Habitat and Settlement and Their Connections to the Larger Metropolis.
  2. Livelihood and Social / Physical Infrastructure.
  3. Financial Viability.
  4. Technical Feasibility and Implementation Strategies.

The competition proposal should therefore:
  1. Accommodate all the current residents of Dharavi and promote the development of sustainable neighbourhoods and communities and their connections with the larger metropolis.
  2. Address the current and future livelihoods and work related issues and provide for essential social, physical and transport infrastructure in particularly those related to health, education, recreation and open space.
  3. Be financially viable, self-sustaining and beneficial to both the Dharavi community and as an overall scheme.
  4. Cause minimal disruption during the process of reinvention and be technically feasible but flexible in regard to the schedule for the implementation.