The final proposal must consist of all of the following:
  1. A Proposal Document of a maximum of 40 number of landscape A3 (420mm wide x 297mm high) size sheets in PDF format with the chosen code on first page in the top right hand corner. The font size of textual material should be no smaller than 13 point.
  2. A PDF of presentation of 20 slides with explanatory notes given to accompany and to be read out with each slide, with the chosen code to be in the top right hand corner of the opening slide, font size not less than 24 point.
  3. An editable version of the presentation (point b. as mentioned above) with explanatory notes in .ppt or .pptx format.
  4. Editable files of the Proposal Document (point a. as mentioned above) in .zip format.

  • All entries to be identified only by an auto generated 6-character unique identity code. Any identifying mark that could lead to disclosure of the entrant’s identity will be a ground for disqualification.
  • The language of the competition is English.
  • Please provide referencing as needed in the following format.
  • E.g. Author(s), (Year of publication - in brackets), Title of publication- in italics, Edition, Publisher.
  • All dimensions and analyses to be in the metric system.
  • The documents submitted must not be password protected or encrypted. All fonts used must be embedded in the documents submitted.
  • All images to be in CMYK and have a minimum resolution 300dpi. The size of the submissions must not exceed ​1024MB.
  • All submissions are to be entirely on-line. No transmission by post or courier is accepted.

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