International Ideas Competition

Design competitions are a great way to find and implement innovative ideas and promote new technologies. They are held regularly on both national and international levels. In this article, we look at the benefits of design competitions and the challenges of participating in them.

The University of Luxembourg has announced an international ideas competition in order to find the best solution for a new IC. This initiative is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is intended to create international cooperation. Architects, landscape architects, and engineers are invited to submit proposals. Applicants can be students, professionals, or teams.

One of the goals of this competition is to promote research in the field of sustainable and social development. This includes sustainable architecture, environmental and energy systems, and territorial development. Additionally, the contest will seek to promote agreements between national and foreign universities. It is also open to non-university research institutions.

Interested parties can apply for the competition as an individual or a team of five. Teams must have at least one architect. Applications can be submitted in English and Arabic. Submitted work must be original and not infringe the copyright of any other person.

A jury panel consisting of experts from the community, professional organizations, and academia will evaluate the submitted works. Based on the criteria, a final list of finalists will be announced. Those who are selected will receive prize money. Organizers have the right to use the works submitted for exhibition or publication.

An interdisciplinary project called MAXXI GREEN will be developed as a result of the competition. A selection committee will choose the best project in terms of integration, sustainability, accessibility, and technical feasibility. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the project’s website and learn more.

As part of its International Ideas Competition, the University of Luxembourg will also call on the best researchers from around the world. In addition, a two-phase appointment process will be conducted. During the first phase, 10 works will be selected, and a second-phase jury will evaluate the works in detail. Those whose ideas are selected will be appointed as founding directors of the new IC.

The winner of the ideas competition will be awarded 20 million KRW. This is a significant amount of money, and will be used for the development of the final project. It is expected that the winning designs will anchor the current redevelopment plans.

The Eduardo Torroja Foundation has collaborated with the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construccion and the Directorate-General of Architecture of the Ministry of Public Works to organize this competition. The theme of this competition is “Research in Germany”. Through the initiative, Germany is presented as a center for research, innovation, and a global partner.

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