Visit the New Loghouse Cork Showroom

The new Cork log cabin showroom, which opened this month at Hanley’s garden centre, offers a chance to see how a high-quality cabin from Loghouse can enhance your life. From small garden getaways to premium four-bedroom family homes, these Scandinavian pine buildings are handcrafted and come with a written ten-year guarantee direct from the factory. And, if you’re worried about the Irish climate, it’s worth remembering that all log cabins are designed for Ireland with damp proof membranes, extra window seals and end trims as well as foundations which keep moisture away from the structure – and a ten-year guarantee against timber rot.

What is the best type of log cabin?

As a result, they are not only practical and functional but also look beautiful in any back garden. They can be connected to mains electricity, Wi-Fi and even feature bathrooms and kitchen areas. They can also be insulated and made energy efficient to minimise costs. In addition, they are perfect for people who want to work from home in a warm and comfortable environment. Link :

That’s a policy that makes no sense in the middle of a housing crisis. One Fianna Fáil councillor told of a woman nearing retirement who had her application for such a dwelling refused, even though it was in rural area and she could not afford to move into a concrete/brick home, which is on average four times more expensive than a log cabin.